Wednesday, 23 February 2011

This worlds an ugly place, but you're so beautiful to me.

Hey guys :D

Everyone looking to find my usual semi-funny, blog, this isn't the case. This blog is all about one person, Courteney Elkins.

Where do I begin?

You're the most important person in the entire world to me, I know I tell you all the time and it doesn't mean that much anymore, but I tell you everyday because the though of you ever forgetting that you're everything to me is unbearable. You make me happy like no one else can, You make me laugh like no one else can, you make me smile like no one else can, you make me feel loved like no one else can. There isn't a second that passes when you aren't on my mind. I miss you so much. It's strange, knowing that I'm going to see you in just a few days isn't enough because there's already a hole in my heart from the small time we've spent apart. You're the one, and I've never been so certain of something in my entire life. I can try to think about my life without you, but it's useless because I'd be lost without you, I wouldn't be half the person I am.

You Complete Me.

The simplest way to say all of this is, Courteney Elkins, I am absolutely, unconditionally, indescribably, head-over-heels in love with you.

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