Sunday, 20 February 2011

Prepare for the best and the fastest ride!

Haiii guyyshhh!

Howsh it goweeen?

Okay I'll stop being an idiot now :')

Seriously though guys, how are you all doing? You all know me, I'm a friendly guy, chat to me on facebook or whatever, tell me how you're doing and tell me what you're looking forward to doing this summer!

Anyway, it's been just over a month since I did my last blog, So I'll give you an update of whats Happened:

- My bands first gig was absolutely amazing, by far the best thing I've ever done

- Me and Courteney are getting stronger every single day

- My band are in the recording studio this week to record their first EP!

- Although it's still technically winter, everyday feels like summer

This is what this blog is mainly about, Summer. I know what you're thinking 'Dude, it's February, I'm still freezing!', but those of you that see me regularly might have noticed that I never wear my sleeves down. Now, this Probably sounds really stupid, but it's because I don't feel the cold, every step I take with the chilling winter breeze hitting my bare pale forearms is spent with a smile on my face and a happy song in my head. Everyones got a happy song, everyone has a song that when they hear it their heart skips a beat, and they get the butterflies in their tummy. Wether it's about a guy, a girl, a place, a time, I don't know, even if it's about something crazy like you're dog, this song reminds you of the one thing that makes you happier than anything else in the entire world. My favourite thing in the entire world, is summer. The heat of the shining sun on the dark navy water of mill pond near my house, with my two best mates by my side and the girl I love under my arm, just the thought of that is enough to get me by. I have the mates, I have the girl, all I needs the sun.

Message Of The Month:

Keep what you're looking forward to in your mind, and keep your head held high.

Until next time

Baii! x

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