Thursday, 5 May 2011

6 and a Half Billion Shoulders...

Hey There Bloggers!

I hope you're all enjoying the sunshine, or for my readers across the border I hope the weather is doing good there too!

It wouldn't surprise me if you've figured out what I mean by the title of this blog, but if not here it is.

Quite often people talk about 'carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders', well surely, just like any other thing, no matter how light or heavy, it's less weight on your shoulders the more people that carry the object?

Everyone has an opinion; you don't have to be a genius to know that. However, many people have said things like 'I agree with what you're saying, that this world is in tatters and something needs to be done; but the government will never listen, I just try and ignore it'.

I don't think people understand the power of expression any more.

Don't you find it annoying when someone is annoyed at you, but you don't know what for? Don't you hate it when you've really pee'd someone off but you didn't even know about it?

You, right now, reading this blog; you have a voice, use it!

Don't keep your idea's and views inside - there's bound to be somewhere that feels the same way as you do!

I'm going to once again refer to one of the true icons of the Twentieth Century: Martin Luther King. Discrimination of blacks had been taking place for years. Segregation of extreme measures was imminent in the United States. Imagine that every single day, you're told you're not worth what everyone else is worth. You're not human like the other people are. You don't have rights like the other people do; wouldn't you say something? I think I can answer for you. Many people I know, would like to say they would say something, but the truth is they wouldn't. Martin Luther King one day snapped, he'd had enough, he stood up for what he believed in. I'm sure when arguing with a white man about a bus seat all those years ago, the thought of being a icon world wide and leading a revolution wasn't one running through his head. 'First a spark, then a flame, then a fire'. His appeal to reason quickly grew a following - what started out as one mans fight became perhaps the biggest revolution of the century.

One man changed the world, why can't you?

I know that sounds ambitious, but isn't it ambition which makes great things great? Do you really think Thomas Edison went about inventing the light bulb expecting it to be easy? Do you really think the Americans attempted flying to the moon thinking it would be easy?

Nothing that's worth having comes easy.

For those of you that are still reading and haven't clicked off because you think I'm an absolute nut case, Make sure you carry on reading. Even if you aren't completely sold to the idea of revolution, there is an inconvenient truth to come.

I know many people don't like to think ahead, but just consider this for a second...

One Day, our generation will be in control. You, your neighbour, your class mates, your school mates; all these people at some point will decide the steps this world will take. These people won't just write history, they will be a part of it. Who's to say the next leader of our nation isn't sitting next to you in English? Who's to say that the person who invents the a efficient way of using renewable isn't the guy sitting in front of you in science? At the end of the day, weather you like it or not, the worlds weight will be cast our generations shoulders.

So now I refer once again to the title; Would you rather carry the weight of the world on your own, or get Six and a half Billion people help carry it with you?



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