Wednesday, 1 June 2011

I walk along these no name streets; Wave goodbye to home.

Hey guys!

It's little under a month since I last blogged, so I'm back with another!

It's not another political one, but it's still another blog with a big meaning - Enjoy! x

How many of you have had a falling dream?

Everyone? Thought So.

I don't know if you believe in the whole thing about your dreams have a meaning malarkey, I'm not completely sold myself, but they say a falling dream means that you're over-whelmed of the things that are happening around you and that involve you, and that you have nothing to hold on to. Quite a big, scary meaning for a vision that enters your sub-conscious mind.

I had a falling dream a few days ago. I was climbing up the side of a building with a rope, I got meters from the top then the rope snapped, I fell and fell and fell, until seconds before hitting the hard ground and inevitably reaching my hypothetical demise, I managed to throw the rope back up, hook it and stop myself from dying. Completely un-plausible I know, but I think we've all had dreams which make less sense than that. I'm not one to believe all this supernatural gypsy stuff, but I don't know, this one was kinda different. Knowing that a falling dream meant you had nothing to hold onto, made me wonder that surely because I managed to hold on at the end, I have something to hold on to?

For the first couple of days after the dream, I thought it was a load of crap. I wasn't overwhelmed, I was fine.

But as ever, it takes someone, or something to point out your flaws and mistakes before you can really notice them.

What I'm trying to say is, taking the shopping out of the car and inside the house is the perfect metaphor for life. If you take too many bags, it's too heavy and you have to put some down, or try and run to the front door while juggling the precious bottles and fragile products inside the bag, which is more than likely to end in either you getting hurt, or the things in the bag getting ruined; worse case scenario the bag splits and you lose all of it. If you don't take enough, you leave things for other people to take for you and aren't much of a help. Life's about finding the perfect balance. If you find you're carrying too much, put one of the bags down and come back for it.

Everyone needs a break.

I'm currently going through one of those stages of looking at what I really want, and what I don't. Kind of assessing what I want to carry on, and what I don't.

I know people who suffer from depression and have run away and so on from stress, please, It can get better, it will get better, just take a break!

I know this may not seem as serious as my other blogs, but it really has a big meaning to me :) <3


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