Friday, 22 July 2011

Monopoly: Life Edition.

Hey Guys,

I hope you're all doing okay.

I've given up with the whole one blog a month thing; If I'm inspired I'll write, it's as simple as that.

In this blog I'm going to talk about something every single person reading this blog has encountered. I guarantee it. Like, I would put every single penny I have on it.


Life is like a board game. Let me explain...

Everyone starts off the same. Equal. You're all on the first tile. The only difference right now is the colour of your counter. Then all in one turn, you've made your first steps into the big wide world. You've rolled the dice...

There are the lucky ones, the ones that roll 6's - the ones that are, from the word go playing a promising game and show, even from early stages signs of making it to the top. Then there are the middle two. The ones that don't really get any recognition. You're either first, last or forgotten. Then there are the ones behind everyone else. The ones that land on the 'Go back 3 spaces' block when they only rolled a two on their first go. Then you get onto the second row of blocks...

This second row represents education. There is the high flyer still in front, and soaring through the second row with a private education, 100% attendance record and a brand new car to celebrate. Then there's the person in second who also gets the private education but slacks and earns them self a place among the rebels of the school: Miss a turn! Next is the person in third who spends their academic years in an average school with little under 1000 pupils, however, unlike 2nd place, 3rd makes the most of their education and over takes 2nd whilst it misses a turn! Still in last there is fourth. This is the person that goes to a poor school and although they want to badly, doesn't get the chance to learn like the others. 4th place seems to be unlucky and consistently throwing low numbers!

The next and last set of blocks is the blocks for the big wide world. 1st seems to be doing well with a high paying job and a nice modern flat just outside London. What used to be 3rd, but is now 2nd due to high effort during education is doing well for himself too, and is almost catching up with 1st, also having a well paid job and a nice place to hang their hat. The new 3rd place is still 'living it up', even in their late twenties. They're living off of benefits and even spending that on alcohol and drugs to drown away their sorrows and regrets. Last place seems to be out of the game, but then after rolling another 1, something remarkable happens. 4th place lands on the 'You followed your dream' block and gets taken straight to the end. 4th wins the game!


The last block, the winning block seems to be different to every player. To 1st and 2nd the block says 'Well Done, you have a steady income and are doing superbly in your job!', for 3rd it says 'You lived fast and you had fun doing the things you wanted to do!', but 4th saw the final block and it said 'Well done, you started a family.'

What I'm trying to say is, life is what you make of it.

Success is subjective.

Thank you so much for reading guys
I hope you enjoyed it

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